FUELFLOW 020 Fuel Pump

Piston Pump | 12 Volt | 1.25-5 psi

The FUELFLOW 020 electric piston pump is a universal replacement fuel pump and has been specifically designed to suit as wide a scope of applications as possible. The 020 piston pump would generally be used as a replacement fuel pump on carburetted 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines with a fuel requirement of up to 2.0 litres per minute. Typically, these vehicles could be described as large cars with larger than average engines and a higher than normal fuel requirement.


  • High quality plastic construction delivers a durable, fully insulated and weatherproof finish.
  • Unique design delivers a compact, lightweight and efficient pump
  • This pump features a uniquely designed restrictor tube to maintain a stable system pressure between 1.25-5 psi in a return-to-tank system.
  • Unique design features allow progressive switching of current to enable near silent operation, minimal vibration and no radio interference.
  • Reverse polarity protection ensures that the pump is protected in the event of incorrect installation.
  • Instant fuel delivery means no priming damage to the pump during initial start up.
  • Can be used with both petrol and diesel in a wide range of applications.
  • Suitable replacement for both mechanical and electric fuel pumps.
  • Comes complete with installation instructions and mounting kit.

FUELFLOW offer a range of New Zealand made, high quality, light, compact and efficient fuel pumps.


Part No.FF-020
Pump TypeElectric Piston Pump
ApplicationUniversal Replacement
Voltage12 volt
EarthNegative or Positive
Operating Pressure (psi)1.25 to 5 psi
Max Flow2.0 litres / minute
Maximum Pressure (no flow)5 to 6 psi
Dry PrimeImmediate fuel delivery
FilterIn-built 50 micron filter & magnet assembly
Inlet / Outlet Size8mm


Product warranty liability is restricted to supply of replacement product only. All freight, installation, towage, salvage, labour or other repairs and / or service charges relating to product warranty replacement are specifically excluded from liability. Tampering with pumps voids warranty.