FUELFLOW has been manufacturing electric fuel pumps for over 60 years. Originally specialising in reconditioning old British S.U. pumps, FUELFLOW designed and manufactured its own style of diaphragm fuel pump to suit older British vehicles (including the likes of Jaguar, MG., Morris Minor and Mini), over the years improving the quality of its diaphragm fuel pump design. About 30 years ago, FUELFLOW designed and started to manufacture a piston fuel pump as well, for universal fitment in carburetted vehicles (suited for engines from standard to performance).

Today FUELFLOW manufactures a range of 10 different fuel pumps including both diaphragm and piston type pumps. Having decades of presence in the market, FUELFLOW has set the benchmark high for producing compact, reliable, efficient, high quality fuel pumps with low operational noise, for both the local and international markets. Designed and manufactured in a factory nestled in the mighty Karangahake Gorge, FUELFLOW is the epitome of kiwi ingenuity punching above its weight class on the world’s stage.

Jason Forrester has worked for FUELFLOW for the last 30 years; starting at the bottom, he has worked his way up the ladder over the years and in 2020 had the opportunity to purchase the business. Jason’s hands on experience and knowledge gathered over all those years allows him to continue the FUELFLOW legacy, maintaining the high quality production of FUELFLOW fuel pumps and the assurance of top quality service and support.