FUELFLOW 15LM12 Fuel Pump

Diaphragm Pump | 12 Volt | 3-5 psi

The FUELFLOW 15LM12 electric diaphragm pump is loosely styled on the original SU type electric fuel pump; our version has solid state electronic switching (i.e. no contacts). It is a universal replacement fuel pump and has been specifically designed to suit as wide a scope of applications as possible. The 15LM12 electric diaphragm pump would generally be used as a replacement fuel pump on carburetted vehicles that have 4 – 6 cylinder engines and a fuel requirement of up to 1.5 litres per minute. Typically, these vehicles could be described as large cars with larger than average engines and a higher than normal fuel requirement (vehicle with engines up to 5000cc). The combination of authentic design and modern componentry means this pump is ideally suited to the classic car enthusiast seeking original type replacements.


  • High quality plastic construction delivers a durable, fully insulated and weatherproof finish.
  • Solid state photo optic switching delivers efficient operation and brings together modern technology with proven authentic design.
  • Unique design features allow progressive switching of current to enable near silent operation, minimal vibration and no radio interference.
  • Reverse polarity protection ensures that the pump is protected in the event of incorrect installation.
  • Instant fuel delivery means no priming damage to the pump during initial start up.
  • Can be used with both petrol and diesel in a wide range of applications.
  • Suitable replacement for both mechanical and electric fuel pumps.
  • Comes complete with installation instructions and mounting kit.
  • Plastic construction means this pump is ideal for marine use. No metal parts = no corrosion.

FUELFLOW offer a range of New Zealand made, high quality, light, compact and efficient fuel pumps.


Part No.FF-15LM12
Pump TypeElectric Diaphragm Pump
ApplicationUniversal and SU Replacement
Voltage12 volt
EarthNegative or Positive
Operating Pressure (psi)3 to 5 psi
Max Flow1.5 litres / minute
Dry PrimeImmediate fuel delivery
FilterIn-built 50 micron filter & magnet assembly
Inlet / Outlet Size8mm


Product warranty liability is restricted to supply of replacement product only. All freight, installation, towage, salvage, labour or other repairs and / or service charges relating to product warranty replacement are specifically excluded from liability. Tampering with pumps voids warranty.